I have learned through the years that friends or acquaintances will come and go from our lives, but the true ones will stay forever. Now, this doesn’t mean the ones that have journeyed away from us weren’t loved and important, they were just put on our paths for different reasons. God sends us helpers all through our lives to help us with whatever their strengths and gifts are; for example, during one of the hardest seasons in my life I was working for an agency where I cared for a group of special needs folks. The new manager that had gotten hired days after I got hired turned out to be an angel from God. I immediately felt a connection with her. Later, I found out she had gone through exactly what I was going through at the time and believe me, she guided me and paved the way for me and made it so much easier to bear. She is just one of the many helpers God has sent to get me through difficult times. So, when your friends seem to venture off on their own, remember, maybe they were just sent temporarily and not meant to be permanent. God will always see us through and He knows who is best for us. Have a blessed day! 🙂