Proverbs 23
I was standing outside watching our cat Lucy chase a squirrel up into the apple tree and the squirrel wondered out onto these little, thin, frail branches. The squirrel looked across at some even thinner branches on the big oak tree we have in the yard. I said to myself “From my point of view you don’t have a chance of making that jump without crashing to the ground” (and of course that kept my attention even more).  The squirrel looks intently at the jump for a little while then turns and tries to go back down to the ground only to find Lucy has not gone anywhere. The squirrel runs back up the tree and without hesitating, jumps from the same little thin branch it was on before onto a thinner little branch of the oak tree – safely! Mission complete! God says that you look at your goal from one point of view or from your perspective and not from His. “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,” says the Lord. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine” (Vv. 23:13). We need to remember that if our goal we are trying to attain looks bleak, hopeless and far off, that God has a different point of view – from his view any goal that brings glory and honor to him is not a problem. God loves Ya;)

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