Why do you go to church? Sounds like a dumb question right? In my years of attending church, I have often wondered what brings people to church. Is it to visit with others? Is it to get gussied up in your fancy outfits one day a week? Or, is it because you were raised having to go every Sunday as a kid whether you wanted to or not? I, for one, need the peace of hearing the words of God to renew my mind, body and soul after a busy week and being able to breathe in the gospel of Jesus Christ, letting it refuel my spirit. Church isn’t just a building to gather in, seeing your friends once a week or having coffee and a pastry; it is hearing, learning and living life according to God’s everlasting words of truth, love, joy and knowing how to overcome any obstacles life puts in our way. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to get to know You and Your word, giving us the renewal we need everyday! Praise Him and have a Blessed day! 

Not why should you go, but personally,