Acts 3:19 (NIV)

Yes. I am addicted to sweets, fast food, and chips. Always have been; just sometimes the urges get the best of me. There are times I decide to take better care of myself, eat more veggies, plan healthier meals, swear off baked goods and cut out soda. Then, temptation hits and hits hard. I know I give up too easily; my head says, everyone falls, I’m not perfect, just this one doughnut is not going to hurt. I’ll do better tomorrow and as we all know tomorrow never comes. The point is this is exactly how sin works. We may start out small at sinning; call in sick when you’re not, flirting with a co-worker, just “surfing” the dark side of the web, or one sip of this drink will never lead me back to drinking every day. It all seems harmless and pleasurable until the day you realize your life is totally out of control and suddenly you have to constantly lie and sneak to do what you do. It is never too late for forgiveness or to get out of our sinful ways. All you have to do is profess, repent and ask God for help because He loves us as we are; His love never fails. Our sins are wiped away. Have a Blessed day:) – Lori Moore

11-4 devo