Matthew 5:14-16, Proverb 3:5-6
One of my favorite movies when I was a kid was The Wizard of Oz. I remember crying when the witch took Toto from Dorothy! Now when I watch it, I see the life lesson that it portrays – actually a few of them. The characters Dorothy meet claim they all need something; Scarecrow needed a brain, Lion needed courage, Tin Man needed a heart and of course Dorothy wanted to go home.  We all remember the story – they were all bound to find the wizard to receive these gifts, only to find out that they already had these gifts the entire time and they just didn’t realize it. God has given each one of us gifts and talents; we just have to realize what they are and use them for His glory. We need to rely on God to reveal our gifts and talents, and then we need to put them into use. God, the Holy Spirit, uses some people as wizards that show up in your life and reveal your gifts and talents. Can you be a “Wizard of Oz” for someone and let God use you to reveal to them the gifts and talents God has given them. I had a lot of “wizards of Oz” in my life and am thankful to God for them. – Lori Moore

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