Ephesians 1

Growing up with two older brothers was not as fun as one would think. Oh they protected me, but they also tortured me in various ways. One was being told I was adopted continually. As the youngest, of course I believed everything they told me. I would go running to my mom crying and asking “am I adopted?” several times a week; surely that must have gotten on her nerves. They would laugh as soon as they heard me asking my mom for the hundredth time. Now as an adult Christian, I know it’s a beautiful thing to be “adopted” into Christ’s family. What an awesome blessing to be chosen into the Heavenly realm of God Almighty! We are hand picked and chosen to be a child of our one true God! How glorious is that? Oh my brothers still tease me and the torture is a little less severe now since we are all much older; but now when they say, “Haha, you are adopted!” I say, “Yes I am and I am blessed”. ┬áConsider yourself loved, blessed and glorified to be a child of God! Have a blessed day! ­čÖé