Romans 12:9

How many of you have siblings? I have 2 older brothers and I remember all too well competing for our mom’s attention and in my mind, her love. Now that I am an adult, I now know she loved us all the same; she may have been busy with the other kids and not giving me all the attention I thought I needed and deserved, but she was there for all 3 of us. What a wonderful revelation in knowing we do not have to compete for God’s love and attention. It doesn’t matter if we are on church committees, attend 3 nights of bible study a week, barely know the bible, attend church or sit in the back; we are all loved unconditionally and forever. God does not play favorites. He meets us where we are. He died on that cross for all us sinners; not just the ones that have their cars plastered with “I love Jesus” stickers. Take note brothers and sisters, never feel unworthy or embarrassed if you don’t have every scripture memorized, God is working on all of us. We are learning and growing everyday in Christ. Stand tall in knowing you are loved!  Have a blessed day! 🙂