Timothy 2:4

The first 11 chapters of Ezekiel are filled with a vision God gave to Ezekiel telling him what to tell Israel. Many times in the vision God told him that the people would be hardhearted, stubborn and would not obey. However, God told Ezekiel that he better tell them any way or Ezekiel would have to pay the price for their sins as well as them. God knows when we spread His gospel and love that many people will not listen some will unfriend you, some will even persecute, but the point is God wants us to keep telling the world for there are some that will listen and will accept the truth and He doesn’t want them missing out because of us. So tell the world that Jesus is Lord, King of all Kings; tell them the good news that God loves them. He “wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.”( 1 Timothy 2:4) God Loves Ya 😉

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