Exodus 3:12

Have you ever met someone that their life seems so perfect? Have you ever wondered why you don’t have that big white house with the picket fence, the perfect kids that are in college being perfect, or that awesome marriage that seems so loving and joyful? There are times when I look at families and just wonder, have they ever been on a rough financial road? Has their relationship always been this great or have they ever had to go pick up one of their teenagers from the police barracks?┬áThe answer is maybe not; but God’s plan for us is an individual plan. I, for one, don’t even want a big house! I believe in God’s plan He has for me. I choose to trust in Him with my life; maybe I will struggle, but in the end, we all can’t get to paradise without the journey through the desert first. Listen folks, don’t get discouraged or even think about giving up. God has it all planned out for you and your best is yet to come! Trust Him! Have a blessed day!