Matthew 22:39
I have been watching a Netflix series called 13 reasons. It’s a show about a teenage girl that committed suicide and the 13 reasons why. I am not endorsing this show at all but thought it might be good to watch this to get an idea of what is going on with our young people. I am not that far in the series, but so far there is one common theme and that is that we never know how our interactions with others affects their lives. Jesus told us to love our enemies and to treat others like we want to be treated and there is a reason for that. A smile, a hello a “how are you doing” might not just be an everyday greeting but something that that person needed to hear that day. A hug, a blanket, a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. We are Jesus Christ ambassadors so we need to act like He did. Love everyone no matter what; you never know how you will affect their lives. God Loves Ya 😉