Do you have your IT? An addiction, secret, a habit something that is holding you down. A thing that you can’t shake, the thing that keeps pounding you, whacking you, hurting and keeping you from being who you are? We all have had one and many still do. The devil comes down on us with all kinds of lies and deceitful ways damaging our souls, making us hurt, pulling us away from family, friends and God. However, take heart my friends, if you were going to be defeated it would have already happened! There is a reason for that. Remember this, love ones, you will make it! You are a child of God! That devil has nothing compared to the power of God. There might be pain in the night, but Ohhh, There will be joy in the morning. Hang in there, be tough, be strong and know you have a God right beside you Who will not be defeated, and neither will you. Why? Cause God Loves You 😉